Mat Mailandt


I've been making it up professionally for 13 years and there is no end in sight. Past and current troupes include NOTORIOUS, Obviously Improv, Attack of the Heart, the Kinkonauts and the Loose Moose. I've toured and taught across Spain, Norway, Germany and Canada. In the corporate world, I lead a corporate improv seminar entitled POISE. Intrigued? Check out my blog.

Improv Resume at a Glance

2013-Current: NOTORIOUS
Freestyle Rap. Improv Comedy. It doesn't get any fresher than NOTORIOUS. I lay down beats, spit ryhmes and make audiences laugh coast to coast. Catch me in Notorious East as part of the Big City Improv Festival.

2013-Current: Attack of the Heart
Attack of the Heart is a no-holds-barred improvised love story told backwards with the help of a ukulele and freestyle rap. Clare McConnell is the other half of the duo which has performed across Canada and Europe.

2004-13: The Improv Guild
I helped found and performed in the Calgary International Improv Festival alongside such talents Colin Mochrie, Patti Stiles, The Crumbs and many more wonderful performers.

2010-11: ComedySportz Berlin
I worked as an Artistic Associate teaching, performing and producing shows all over the German capital.

2004-7: Drunk On Monday
As Artistic Director, I founded and performed in an improvised soap opera for three years at the University of Calgary.


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